Poisoned and incurable An analytical view of toxic gaming

We know it all: After a long day you want to relax very relaxed a round and rather than discuss the tactics in the chat, fly desert insults through the area.

Since the beginnings of the web and the progressive commercialization of the Internet in the 1990s, toxic behavior is a problem. We want to deal with ourselves in this special and enlighten a few of the most important questions about the topic. How strong is the hatred of the net pronounced, how is he creating, and what can we do about it?

First, we want to define what is understood under hatred in the network so that we are all on the same stand.
In advance a small declaration of concept. We speak in this article in principle of toxic behavior. This is available in different characteristics.

It starts with insults and distributors and ends with the so-called swatting. The swatting is fun calls, where the victim takes the police under the pre-malfunction of false facts on the neck. While it was a long time for an American phenomenon, there was the first case in Germany in 2015.

Of course there are many more shades. However, so that the article will not be too complex, we always talk about the whole spectrum of toxic behavior, or hatred in the network. If we mean a specific nature, we will explicitly mention that.

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2. 1.2What impact hatred has on us?
3. 1.3wer is particularly affected?
4. 1.4hass against women
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2. 2.2The Greater Internet Fucktard Theory
3. 2.3The Internet as valve
4. 2.4 A way out of reality
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1. 3.1t the fun of suffering
2. 3.2 How to fight hatred in the gaming scene?
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Is It Possible To Fix Gaming Toxicity?
Hate on the net — an inventory

How serious is the problem really? In a poll of the First Post, 60 percent of the participants have been admitted to have ever been failing to other players. At the same time, 66 percent have ever been confronted with such a behavior.

That alone is more than every second. However, these numbers are thus aggravating that the only players who were neither offensive have insulted others, those who have played less than five hours a week. In good German: only casual players are not confronted with hatred.
In doing so, one hears again and again that some communities are very often toxic. But can you really say that so flat?

This question is not so easy to answer, a study by the Anti Defamation League examined the social behavior of American players between 18 and 45 years. The result was that there are games in which players very often make bad experiences. However, these games are listed simultaneously under the titles where players have made very positive experiences, such as getting to know new friends. Two examples are here WoW and GTA online.

This means that a flat-rate conviction of certain games is not possible because they ensure very positive and very negative experiences.

The study of the ADL goes even further. The participants were also asked what impact the toxic behavior has on them.

What effect does hatred have on us?

Good every tenth in a survey player surveyed suicidal or depressive thoughts due to toxic experiences in video games. Source: Apixaban / PublicDomainPictures We have to differentiate again between direct reactions to hate and longer-term effects. The concrete reactions include, for example, that 40 percent of the players have taken care of whom they play, just under a quarter has made certain games temporarily and every fifth has just stopped playing the appropriate game. However, these are reactions that remain in the virtual world.

When looking at the longer-term effects, however, very far-reaching consequences can occur, which extend far into the real life:

21% of participants felt uncomfortable or had applied after playing
23% were less socially
14% felt isolated
13% provided poorer performance in school or at university
13% contacted the developer
11% treated their fellow human beings worse than usual
11% were depressed or suicidal thoughts
Then 10% had problems in their relationship
9% contacted the police

These figures are alarming and should give us food for thought all. They give a first impression of how all-encompassing the problem in which gaming industry and what consequences can have toxic behavior.

Having looked at, which means hate on the Internet and what impact it may have, we would like to go into it, who is particularly concerned.

Who is most affected?

Particularly distressing is the so-called Identity-based hatred. This is not about more about offending a person because of a supposedly bad style of play or lack of skills, but it is personal. In the ADL study something was more than half of all online players that they have experienced this kind of hatred.

The top three of the groups affected most consists of African Americans (31 percent), the LGBTQ community (37 percent), and the sad first place is then occupied by women with 41 percent.

So let’s summarize: hate on the Internet can be very versatile and to more serious consequences for the victim in real life rich. A particularly vulnerable group of hate on the Internet make these women represent. Misogyny is a serious problem in the gaming world. This is exactly why we devote the next section when this group.

hatred against women

The American YouTuber Spontaneous is known for its Rainbow Six victories videos. For several years, she takes on all sorts of reactions when it is identified as a woman in a lobby. These encounters she holds in the series — together OMG a Girl and all the other ridiculous shit I have to listen to. Meanwhile, there are already 21 parts of this video series.

They must be a lot of crap listen. Prejudice that women are inferior to play in video, about sexist comments, to never-ending pickup lines. Learn the mostly young men then a rejection, they begin to insult the young woman viciously.

Many of these behaviors that experienced the American were confirmed in a study that specifically deals with the experiences of women in games.

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