Warframe How to get and build the Sirocco Elliott Gatica

The operators have become a very important gameplay aspect in Warframe. For this reason, they also have their own combative skills and weapons, which mainly approach with their void damage against sensitive enemies. There is a new AMP weapon that has come out in the latest New War Update. So you get the Sirocco, the new operator weapon, and more in Warframe.

How to get the Sirocco in Warframe

The Sirocco was a quest reward for the degree from The New. It is the pistol that uses the drifter. This weapon still works as well as in your time in which you used it during the quest.

It is the first weapon in AMP style that is not attached to the wrist. It will also preserve it charged shot mechanics when recharging. This is a function that is not available for other amplifiers what makes it unique. The best thing about the weapon is that it is absolutely noiseless with the secondary fire effect.

Luckily, the weapon does not have to be built or gilded. The statistics that the Sirocco has been from short to 30. Of course, you should keep it until you maximize the level for championship points.

The only disadvantage of the weapon is that their loss potential is not comparable to the other available amplifiers that they can manufacture. It is unfortunate in the face of its unique pistol-like design and sound. However, you can use the sirocco as a skin for your amps.

Sirocco amp | Sirocco Gun Warframe | The New war Warframe [Spoiler Alert]
You should probably also stick to this weapon, as there is no way to gain them again to the new was repeatable or can be reconstructed to some degree from Onto or Little Duck.

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