Elden Ring s creator answers questions during maintenance

Elder Ring is fast arriving, with his release date in February 2022. And as the release date gets closer, we learn more about this very expected game — and this time came from the mouth of the mouth. Horse, so to speak.

In an interview with Edge magazine, the president of fromSoftware, Hideaway Miyazaki, answered questions about the next Elder Ring, including some who concerned future players and fans.

One of them was the reason why there are still no rings in Elder Ring. Miyazaki explained why it was the case.

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There are several reasons for this choice. The first is that, yes, we have explored a lot of the rings as ceablebits in our previous games — Dark Souls, especially — and so the Talismans allowed us this time to approach these ideas differently, with a greater variety of designs. And the second reason is that, of course, the rings exist as physically rings in this game, but more than unique objects involved in the history and in unique character events. We wanted them to have a particular positioning in the world of Elder Ring and that they are also different from a design point of view compared to Talismans.
In short: Currently, talismans are more versatile and there will be strings for your fingers, but these will be related to the event and history, not to statistics.

Which could have been more interesting, it’s Miyazaki’s answer by playing himself at the game. Although the game is something he thinks I think I will not play himself. According to him, he spent so much time on the game he can not come back with new eyes — and he would like to come with a new experience.

You know, I will probably not end up playing Elder Ring because it’s a game I made myself. It’s kind of my personal policy. You will not get any of the unknowns that the new player will experiment. As I said before, I would not want to play. But if I did it, so it would be close to the ideal game that I would like. I do not approach it in terms of it’s the kind of play in open world that I want to do; It’s just that the open world enriches this ideal experience I’m trying to achieve. To give some very simple examples, if I had to explore this world, I would like a card — a real card. Or, you know if I saw something there, I’d like to be able to explore it and explore it. And I would like to fight with a dragon in an epic arena. Things like that. It’s very simple, but Elder Ring allows many of these things to become a reality for me, creating something that is very close to my ideal game.

He continued by saying that the fighting on horseback are optional, plus something that players can do, and they do not have to try if they do not want it. And, too, he thanked the FromSoftware team for making this game possible, especially with the exploration of the open world.

Hearing all these details, the release date of Elder Ring, February 25, 2022, can not happen early enough.

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