Your Most Wanted Games 2022: Two Sony

The year 2021 is history and has brought us some grandiose titles. But now it is time to straighten the look forward, after all, even in 2022, several potential highlights are on the agenda. Releases that we have already fulfilled with anticipation and of whom we can barely expect them to land in our consoles.

Games that you can look forward to having enough on the release list. But which title is your favorite? The question about your Most Wanted title of the year 2022 we had asked you in our survey last week and made some suggestions. In addition, you call your own title in the comments. Here are the preliminary final results of this survey:

The Biggest Games Coming in 2022
Two Sony Exclusives are your favorites

  1. Horizon Forbidden West 728 votes
  2. God of War 2: Ragnarök 686 votes
  3. Elder Ring 508 votes
  4. Hogwarts Legacy 294 votes
  5. Star field 292 votes
  6. Zelda: Breath of the Wild Successor 261 votes
  7. Gran Tourism 7 163 votes
  8. Dying Light 2 115 votes
  9. Stalker 2 92 votes
  10. Pokémon legends: Areas 31 votes

Total votes: 3170 (as of January 3, 2022)

Sony has a lot this year and this is also reflected in the voting results: two of the largest PlayStation releases of the year 2022 — the Horizon or God of War Successors — greetings from the top. The release of Spitenreiter Forbidden West is also within reach, in February, Ally’s opulent-looking new adventure should appear.

Here you can watch a current trailer about Horizon Forbidden West:

A good third place ensures Elder Ring, Hogwarts’s Legacy then acts on the fourth place with almost 300 voices almost a bit struck, as well as Star field, one of the two Xbox exclusives on our suggestion list. But all these tracks show: If the releases actually take place all, we have a high-caliber game year.

Here you will find more survey evaluations on game pro.DE:

Your game of the year 2021
Your old consoles do not set dust for a long time

You have also mentioned these (possible) 2022 releases

And not only the titles we have suggested contribute, but also the games, you called you in the comments. Many of them came up with several times:

The Callisto Protocol
Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
Sons of the Forest
Suicide Squad
Balder’s Gate 3
Hollow Knight: Silk song
Fora Motorsport
The Last of US Part 2 Multiplayer
Dead Space Remake
Marvel’s Midnight Suns
Kirby and the Forgotten land
A Plague Tale: Requiem
Gotham Knights

For some of them — about Fora Motorsport — is probably the desire of the father of thought, completely impossible is a 2022 release but for no one of these titles. Some of you make a look even further in the future, including about USER LARS:

2022 previously only Hogwarts Legacy. For this purpose, 2023 is more of my year with (probably) some of these games like Jedi: Fall Order 2, Eclipse, Motor & the Ubisoft massive game, otherwise games like Spider-Man 2.

Even about the year’s year, we should not be boring in terms of game releases.

We would like to thank you very much for participation in our survey and are looking forward to the release year 2022.