Madden NFL 22

Decisions, records and a German

1. For a new year, in American football is obligatory almost all about the question: play-off participation or play-off cancellation? The latter conceded some teams according to this Week 17, so the Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphin, despite their interim series of seven wins in a bit prematurely in the AFC.

2 . In the NFC it caught the Washington Football Team, the Atlanta Falcons and the Minnesota Vikings.

3 . Speaking of NFC: There, the success of the Green Bay Packers (37:10 against the Minnesota Vikings) fell the decision at the top. The cheese starter will go as the best team of the NFC in the finals, so in the first round a braless and then always home right.

4 . Stories off the play-off theme offered this match day but also — starting with the Bengals, who had celebrated their top quarterback Joe Burrow for his yard brand last week. This time, his top playing station JA’Mary Chase was in the series. And how: The 21-year-old receiver tied at the turbulent 34:31 against the Kansas City Chief’s phenomenal 266 Receiving Yards with just eleven catches — including three touchdowns.

5 . Two records also achieved Chase with it and helped his team at the end of a long waiting for: never before had a player of the Bengals had reached more yards in a game, never before had an NFL newcomer had booked more yards in a match — and for the first time since 2015 Won Cindy again the ever-difficult AFC North (Ravens, Steelers, Browns).

6 . In the AFC, two teams from the EAST Division also celebrated their sacked play-off tickets: the Patriots around the Stuttgart Jakob Johnson and the Bills. The latter also celebrated its top quarterback Josh Allen, who now rise to the first playmaker of the NFL story, which brings it to at least 100 passing and at least 30 Rushing Touchdowns in its first four NFL years.

7 . In Touchdowns Tom Brady again set a brand again: The now 44-year-old improved his seasonal account with the 28: 24 comeback victory at the New York Jets on now 40 touchdowns. In his NFL years between his 23rd and 42 years of age, he had only a playing time with at least 40 in the dress of New England Patriot, in the two years with the Buccaneers were 40 — with now even a pending game in Week 18.

8th. Meanwhile, Justin Herbert brings it to 35 touchdown passes so far — which is already more than any other quarterback in the franchise history of Los Angeles Chargers (since 1960).

9 . With its bizarre and half-naked finish in the middle of the game of Tampa Such Buccaneers, Enfant Terrible Antonio Brown has also spread a lot of bonuses. He would have got $333,333 with eight further catches, with 55 Receiving Yards again 3,33,333 US dollars and with only a touchdown also 3,33,333 US dollars. This will not be anything anymore.

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10 . The New York Giants have completed their game at the Chicago Bears (3:29) with Minus Ten Passing Yards.

11 . The German-American Monera St. Brown is one of the great bright spots of this overall disappointing season of Detroit Lions. At the point of points 29:51 At the Seattle Seahawks now, the 22-year-old Wide Receiver and NFL Rookie first reached two touchdowns in a game and thus already comes to five Total Touchdowns next to 803 Receiving Yards — quite great values.

Sum topic: NFL play-offs: Dolphins march — Titans overtake Chiefs, Packers first in the NFC