Eternal Return, Fashion Designer Character `Mai` released

A PC Online Survival Battle Arena ‘Eternal Return’, has released a 45th new character ‘Mai’, a PC Online Survival Battle Arena ‘Single Return’ to develop and serve as Cacao Games.

[New Character] Mai, Lumia's premier fashion designer prepares her latest garment!

The Fashion Designer ‘Mai’ is a character that can produce unique items such as ‘Missile Crop’, ‘Phantom Jacket’, and is a character that can be played in duo and squad mode because it has a character to support the friend.

‘Mai’ skills are featured as a unique resource, patterns, which is characterized by a ‘pattern’, which is a numerical percentage of the ‘Pattern’, which is a certain rate of defense, and the amount of defense is increasing depending on the pattern level,, Pattern is acquired, obtaining ‘drape’, ‘patterns’, which implies the enemy to the enemy, forming a tent that minimizes the basic attack damage, and after the duration is terminated, The shawl tent, the skill target, the skill target, produces a protective film, and if the target is a friend, it is used to recover the physical strength when using the ‘Catwalk’, ‘Pattern’ to produce a protective film, And a ‘Exclusive’, which is currently proportional to the physical strength.

In addition, for the purpose of the game system update, the ‘Wang Ability’ destruction characteristics that give additional skill damage to the enemy specimen were added as a new character. It also improves the use of items, improve friends, improves friends category functionality, adding friends invited to the user settings, adding the ability to invite the invitation function, shorten the loading screen, and the ER Pass Boost event is also held together with improvement of game convenience.

‘Eternal Return’ is a game that up to 18 players use various strategy battles to target the last one or one team. Anyone can enjoy free of charge through the ‘Drum Games’, and if you enjoy the game in Cacao Games PC rooms, you can get 50% benefits of gaming with free use of all character freedom.