Call of Duty: Warzone takes weeks with problems in PlayStation and Xbox, and the last patch comes to solve them

For a few weeks, the players of Call of Duty: War zone are finding several problems that are increasing in consoles. Both on Xbox and PlayStation exist numerous bugs that are translated even into application closures, something that we have proven firsthand that currently suffers, for example, the latest Warfare Modern.

Bugs and unexpected closures are produced It seems that, after many days of complaints, from Activision have decided to face the issue, and Raven Software (Developers of Battle Royale) has presented the Half-season update for the Free to play that is available from today. As specified by networks, Raven itself, the patch comes to solve these problems.

In patch notes we can see that they announce that more adjustments in Xbox and PlayStation soon, so not all stability problems will be resolved. Likewise, new lists of items are added, the armament is balanced (in addition to a new heavy weapon) and can be acquired to Isabella, a new operator of the Philippines, through some lots.


If you are worried about the storage space, we have to say that the size of the download is not small either. This varies between platforms, but in consoles approaches 5 GB of update (4.8 at PlayStation and 5.1 on Xbox), while in PC we will need 3.9 if only War zone patch and 8 GB We also decided to install the available update for Modern Warfare.

These failures that we have indicated seem to be caused by the incorporation of boiler, the new map of War zone that has already generated various problems in its first days available to play. Recall that, in addition, for a few weeks the new Nitric System of Call of Duty, Ricochet , Ricochet , which eliminated 48,000 users on its first day, demonstrating its effectiveness as a safety tool.