What can we expect for Halo Infinite in 2022?

Officially available since 08 December 2021, HALO INFINITE presents an unpublished business model for the franchise. That of the game service. Indeed, if it is necessary to delete €60 to take advantage of the campaign, the multiplayer of the title is distributed in free-to-play. This economic model involves two major changes: a multiplayer cosmetics shop with a need for retention of players to run it . If the presence of a battle pass can take a motivation to stay on the game, the lack of content may be right for this business model. Obviously, according to Steam charts, 58,000 players on Steam (for 41,000 spectators on Twitch ) took part in combat on Halo Zeta CET 06 January 2022. A number largely declined in comparison with those of the beginnings (more 200,000 daily players), but which tends to stabilize. In the absence of the availability of the console numbers, these figures nevertheless appear as an indicator: the effect of the novelty having dissipated, content will be necessary to achieve active the current basis of players.

To do this, Halo Infinite offers a dynamic system of rotating playlists (some of which are still to be discovered if you refrain from the multiplayer successes still blocked), the classic battle pass whose duration would be around 3 months As well as Challenges obtaining more suction edibles . In addition, we can expect new official cards to be added to the 7 arena cards (4V4) and the 3 BTB cards (12V12). To enrich the experience, players also wait with impatient the arrival of forge mode . Through this card and modes publisher, they compete with ingenuity to recreate emblematic franchise cards and incredible cards (which are sometimes integrated into official playlists), real or imaged reproductions but also. Totally different multiplayer content. In particular, we think of pumpkin cards, parkour cards or RP cards. In short, a damaging but temporary absence: Forge mode being expected for the third season of the title, or about 6 months.

The multiplayer is not the only one to wait for content. Although being distributed in a more classic economic model, the countryside still has few shortcomings and not less. Cooperation nevertheless present on each title of the franchise since halo is lacking in this infinite halo. A temporary absence, 343 Industries having announced its arrival for the second season of title . Three long months of expectations. Similarly, Faced with the players who regretted not being able to relaunch the campaign missions without having to redo the campaign from the beginning, the developers committed to work on such a functionality without however giving a range of time before it is integrated.

In short, between the content still missing and the one necessary for its duration in time, pump that the year 2022 promises to be hectic for Halo Infinite.