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[45-74] This is our gachi vote! Sudden planning “Hardcore gamer general election” result announcement!

December 28, 2012 (Tuesday), Game Spark recruits most favorite games from the readers entitled Hardcore Gamer General Election .

As a result, we applied a number of works that greatly exceed the expectation of the editorial department with 2,836 votes. Thank you very much for the reading of this place. The hardcore gamer gathered here, GAME SPARK reader’s hot feelings, and the comments posted as much as possible are listed as they are. Sometimes there may also be a comment that doesn’t matter to the game title, but it is also one of them. I hope you will burn this result at your eyes.

This article is the result of the Hardcore Gamer General Election Current No. 45th to 74th. Please check the following article list for other rankings.

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The most favorite game is a lineup

The masterpieces ranked at the 45th to 74 were only works that can be said that the way the gamers have passed. Even if there are few people giving these to the most favorite games, it will not be an exaggeration to say that everyone knows in mind. The link below picks up your recommended things from such works and introduces it, especially here for five years! I think that an article that can say is lined up. Please read it by all means.

Hardcore Gamer General Election 45-74

45: Doom Eternal 9 votes

45th: Portal 9 votes

45: Armored Core 9 votes

45: Cyberpunk 2077 9 votes

45th: Titan Fall 2 9 votes

45: Dragon Quest x Awake Five Tribes Online 9 votes

45: Final Fantasy XI 9 votes

52: Escape from Markov 8 votes

52: Halo 8 votes

52: ICO 8 votes

52: Wizardry 8 votes

52: Saga Frontier 2 8 votes

52: The Legend of Zelda 8 votes

52: Terrain 8 votes

52: Bio Shock 8 votes

52: Final Fantasy VII 8 votes

52: Final Fantasy X 8 votes

52: Romancing SA G3 8 votes

52: Wild Arms Second Ignition 8 votes

52: Corn Battle flower Burring Oratorio Tun gram 8 votes

65: Doom 7 votes

65th: Massive Action Game 7 votes

65th: At sushi Animal Forest 7 votes

65: Phantasm Star Online 7 votes

65: Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G 7 votes

65: Rainbow Six Seed 7 votes

65: Wanda and Colossus 7 votes

65th: Shin, Goddess Tense 7 votes

65: The intersection of the city ~ destiny ~ 7 votes

74: Apex Legends 6 votes



74: Celeste 6 votes

74: Detroit: Become Human 6 votes

74: Factor 6 votes

74: Mother2 Gig’s Counterattack 6 votes

74: TIER: AUTOMATA 6 votes

74th: Siren 6 votes

74th: Slay the Spire 6 votes

74: Ultimo Online 6 votes

74: Armored Core Very Day 6 votes

74: Coulombs Gate-Kowloon Fend Shoo- 6 votes

74: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 6 votes

74: God of War 6 votes

74: Sheng first chapter Yokosuka 6 votes

74: Platoon 2 6 votes

74th: Tales of Arise 6 votes

74: Biohazard 4 6 votes

74: Persona 5 6 votes

74: Paper Mario RPG 6 votes

74th: Origami 6 votes

74th place: Large scuffle smash Brothers Special 6 votes

74: Devil Castle Dracula X Monthly Nocturne 6 votes

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