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Disgusting food in Skyrim: A foot part is very much turning to the stomach

Troll grease, mammoth cheese, Chaurumeier. These are just a few entries on the list of unappetizing foods in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Even though it has positive effects in the game, it overcomes us with the idea of ​​shutting down one or two of these things, a slight touch of nausea.

But which of this food is most disgusting? Inspired by a discussion on Reddit, we passed this question to you. Meanwhile, the survey has been running for a few days, and it’s time to make a first evaluation. Because there is already a unique disgust favorite.


A toe introduces the ingredient list of gray

  1. Resented (560 votes)
  2. Spider eggs (288 votes)
  3. Measured (220 votes)
  4. False ears (148 votes)
  5. See excess (93 votes)

  1. Chrome eggs (74 votes)
  2. Troll grease (70 votes)
  3. Mammoth cheese (55 votes)
  4. Other food (49 votes)
  5. Bear Claws (15 Tenements)

Total votes: 1572 (as of 15.01.2022)

It is amazing, with which distance — namely, with almost twice as many voices as place 2 — the huge gives the first place. Behind it are within a short distance the spider eggs and the human meat, the false ears and the see tail ruled behind it with a clear distance. A doubt, which Skyrim food finds the Game pro Community at the disgusting, the survey result does not allow.

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Voices from the community

The sovereign winner of the survey mentions, among other things, in the commentary of Salvatore:

The giant is already damn disgusting. Do not really imagine a thorny heart.

Follow-up boosters mentions that the Granted would already be the material for the toothpick and Shallow wonders if the foot part would look around the Grosser in the Unreal Engine 5. For Cog burn, however, human meat is the unimaginable.

Interesting: Some of you find that mammoth cheese delicious sounds and would actually try it in real life. And School has a very own favorite for the disgusting ingredient in Skyrim:

[…] I would rather say: a potion of the hundreds of years rum collet in any old grab hills. Time seriously. You find so many potions in grab hills, which has there no one short before we are pure. Mostly lay We have been releasing the entrances again for a few centuries for the first time. That means the expiration date of the potions must already have expired clearly. Very surprising that still functions as desired.

We would like to thank you very much for your votes and comments on this eye-catching survey and think about which games could be worthwhile a similar survey.