Elden Ring is almost promoted badly in New Zealand: A typographical error changed the name of Miyazaki

Little more than a month remains to be able to enjoy Elder Ring, the expected adventure of from software . That this game is the culmination of everything that has been done with the Dark Souls has further increased the expectations of the public, which has led to the adventure for the intermediate lands is considered the most desired title by the Steam users.

Maybe some players are too excited by Elder Ring, since in the chain of stores Games , located in New Zealand, have been found with a typographical error of the most curious in the promotional material sent. Do you remember Miyazaki, the creative iconic behind most Souls? Well, he has been changed by name by Hideaway Miyazaki , an unwanted failure that could have happened to anyone.

As expected, the chain has been forced to destroy or return all the defective content, so they also send several hours of work dedicated to the printing and transportation of the material. Like much, this will remain as a particular anecdote that has taken any other laughter throughout the network.

After all, we have the nerves through the clouds. Elder Ring will leave the next February 25 , and Miyazaki (this time, the real) has given us a lot of information to catch the game with desire. On the one hand, he has admitted that the impeccable work of Demon’s Souls in PS5 has influenced the graphic section of Elder Ring. In addition, the creative is very clear that the next work of Him is about the ideal game of it, so we can already prepare for an epic adventure.


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