Rise of Kingdoms

Xiaoma, New Mobile MMORPG New Three Kingdoms World: Shima Confrontation Dictionary Reservation

Xiaomi (Showman, Representative Surface) announced on July 20 to conduct a pre-establishment of Mobile MMORPG ‘New Three Kingdoms world: Shandong, which is scheduled for its service.

‘New Three Kingdoms World: Shiva Fonda’ is a background that has been confusing with incompetent emperor of the end of the end of the year, to the background of the young man who has been asked to save the world, and prehistoric and intuitive operation.

Especially, it is possible to grow a powerful armor by choosing a character who wants a total of five powerful armed, including a total of five powerful armies, including a pearl that can be a god.

In addition, it is possible to choose whether to be a devil whether it will be a god to be a god, depending on the decision of the burning mammary system, and it is possible to cultivate your own special character.

In addition, the enemy of the battlefield is a continuous and cumulative continuous combo system and the enemy, and can feel the unique disturbance of nuclear & slashes that can feel the cooling feelings every time.

This pre-reservation is available in Google Play and the One Store, and will give the participant power to the limited edition of the Limited Edition ‘Flame Written’ and a dedicated Broads San Josh Narrowing window.

In addition, it is a policy to pay a useful game item such as a dictionary reservation target event, and a treasure ‘unique’, a treasure ‘unique’.