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After Rome: Total War, Total War: Medieval 2 Date Your launch on mobile iOS and Android

After the launch of Rome: Total War on mobiles in 2018, Feral Interactive returns to bet on the Creative Assembly strategy saga to mobile and announces the disembarkation This spring of Total War: Medieval 2 in IOS and Android, guaranteeing a complete adaptation of the 2006 Strategy Classic.

Of course, it incorporates many innovations inherited from the company’s work with Rome: Total War to make the video game A true tactile experience . These improvements seek to make the user further facilitate the domain of tactics and commands to move on the screen thousands of units and conquer the battlefield.

With Total War: Medieval 2 we are going before one of the great classics of the genre, with a proposal that in 2006 invited players to travel up to one of the most turbulent times in the history of Western world while regards the fate of great nations From Europe and the Middle East and exercised by general in the battlefield, taking control of armies of up to 10,000 blood soldiers .

If you want to know more about this title, you can read the analysis of Total War: Medieval 2 who did at the moment Álvaro Castellano, Director of 3DGames: Medieval II is A wonderful experience that no fan of the strategy should miss , Without allowing the perfect way to start in the genre for the uninitiated.

Changing the story for science fiction, Feral Interactive also launched a few months ago Alien Isolation and its seven DLC on mobile, in exchange for 14.99 euros. As for the strategy series, Total War arrives in February: Warhammer 3 to PC.