Call of duty

How much money would you lose Sony if Call of Duty was exclusive from Xbox?

One of the main concerns of PlayStation players at the time Microsoft announced the purchase of Activision Blizzard, was that many of their franchises would eventually become exclusive of Xbox . We do not know exactly which ones are going to be, but according to Phil Spencer, CALL OF DUTY will continue to go out on Sony platforms. But what would happen if I did not do it? A group of experts analyzes the situation, monetarily speaking.


Citigroup analysts carried out a series of calculations to determine how much money I could lose Sony in case CALL OF DUTY actually be exclusive to Xbox . According to its calculations, the Japanese firm would lose between $87.5 billion dollars and $262.6 billion dollars per year.

Despite the statements of Spencer , we still can not rule out the possibility that one day, CALL OF DUTY is exclusive of consoles Xbox . At least for now, users of PlayStation will be able to continue enjoying this saga on this platform, although the Marketing Agreement that Activision had with Sony will surely come to an end.

Editor’s note: This figure makes all the meaning of the world. After all, CALL OF DUTY is one of the most successful franchises that exists in the video game industry, and Sony would definitely be affected by its absence. For now, we can only wait to see what the future holds to this saga.