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Battlefield 2042: Dice is currently creating XP farm

DICE continues to work on bringing Battlefield 2042 into a presentable condition. After the holiday break, yesterday we received a new patch for the shooter, which mainly brought some bug fixes as well as various stability improvements . In addition, Dice promised that we should receive a revised scoreboard in February , which represents a mandrel for many players in his current form.

Furthermore, there were some changes for the XP system in the portal mode of the ego shooter . On Twitter, the developers declared that the XP cap per minute was raised in all portal modes to 300. There were also a few adjustments to progress the Mastery and Weekly Missions. Community servers now modified modifiers decide on how much experience you receive. This wanted to restrict DICE XP Farming.

Battlefield 2042: Zombie Survival Perfect place to generate XP

In addition to the changes, even – S has added a new zombie survival mode to portal. Here players have to survive very classically waves of zombies, which become a little stronger with every progressed wave. As it turned out within a short time, was the new zombie mode the best place to quickly collect experience points.

Players on Reddit have made fun of the fact that Dice actually wanted to restrict XP Farming, but in the same patch, however, made their own XP farm mode. Other Reddit users also explained how best to collect XP in the new mode, including when the best time is to leave the match, or which place is best suited to camp.

Zombie Survival already from the game

The developers were quite aware of the problem of course quite quickly and Justin Waive, the Senior Design Director at Ripple Effect, the makers of the portal mode, apologized to Twitter:

I will not lie now, which would not have come through our review process. I think our desire to create a funny zombie mode has trained our ability to see such a simple thing as the impact that is on progress would have. I am very sorry for the difficulties that caused that.

A few hours ago, the zombie survival mode was removed from the game again and replaced with Gun Master 2042 . So far, it is not known if Zombie Survival will return to the game in a modified form.


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