LOL – Zeri ADC guide: the best builds, runes and tricks in season 12

The new champions of League of Legends are more and more particular, and Riot Games has not had trouble breaking the mold with Zero . Newly reached the invoked crack, this character has changed the dynamics of operation of basic attacks to convert them into projectiles with which we can aim. A unique mechanics that justifies how lost they are with her all the players who want to try it in a game. However, for that we are here: we will try to help you with the best builds, runes and a few tips, so you can try it with guarantees.


Zero is one of the champions with more constructions of viable objects in the shooter position . We have three game styles at our disposal: critical, damage by blow or skill power. The most reliable seems construction based on the probability of enhanced impact, although later you can find alternatives and their possible uses in departure.

Zero It has surprised us being a shooter that escapes the traditional constructions of hers position. The best way to equip it is that which best takes advantage of the unique interactions of it with objects. We start with Trinity force to access brightness as soon as possible, taking advantage of all the statistics of it in a formidable way and winning even more movement speed thanks to the rapid boots.

The combination of this mythical object with the hurricane of Ru naan is almost perfect, allowing you to achieve all accumulations at maximum speed. From here, the thing gets even more rare: with the titanic hydra we will win in resistance and damage by blow, while the black blade we will choose it thanks to that we can accumulate it from a single basic attack, Very reducing the armor of our opponents. Finally, the classic Ángel de la Guarda to complete a very defensive build with harm more than enough.

The other possibilities of Zero

The two best alternatives to the construction that we now consider as conventional, we have the option to decide two alternatives.

  • Skill power : Suboptimal option that ‘takes us out of the hurry’ When our team is completely based on attack damage. Scale very well towards the late game, taking advantage of the combination of Malamute, Nash or tooth and crown of the Queered Queen. However, forget about highlighting during the first minutes.
  • Critical : The mechanics of this champion have not made it particularly prone to critical attack damage, since she does not take her up so much when not counting too much attack. Focus on getting the combination of immortal raincoat as soon as possible. It may be interesting once your first corrections arrive.

What runes do you use with Zero?

The best Builds of Zero, are based on using the branch of precision as the main. conqueror is a best alternative in almost all circumstances thanks to our high capacity to load it and the fact that there are no great benefits in the rest of the runes, although FEET It is also a good idea. We complete either of the two elections with Speculation , Legend: PRESENT and Last effort .


In the secondary branch we opt for Domination . In this section we will choose Blood Flavor and Moral Hunter . The objective of this combination of runes is quite simple, to cure us while we hit to try to increase our probability of surviving fights.

Sound spells

To finish the Build we will combine the flash with the exhaustion, cure or clean according to our Support and the enemies. By default, we will decide to heal.

How to play Zero?

As always, not everything is a good Build or decide the best runes. To learn how to play with Zero we will need to know and learn to use it both in the line phase and in group fights.

Phase of lines

Zero’s unique attack mechanics consists of replacing the basic attack of her by Q (explosive fire). In Riot Games’ words This is the ability to use the champion for everything the other shooters use as basic attack. In fact, the contradiction goes beyond. What we would consider autoataques (launched with right click) are actually punches that apply the effects of a skill. It’s somewhat lost, but the Copley is very simple: we will be all the time crushing the q to shoot a submachine as a basic attack.

Once we are clear this element, we are aware of the great limitation of the character. The ability of him to wear the online enemies is very scarce if they are behind the subjects, and that explosive fire bullets do not go through enemies . Despite this, the champion has a great capacity for damage that allows you to win doers and some interactions with the rest of the skills of it we will find below.

  • Level 1 – Q (explosive fire) : We can not choose, this skill climbs a default point when starting the game. Its detailed operation is what we explain in the last paragraphs.
  • Level 2 – W (UltraDescarga Laser) : A capable laser beam released as projectile that inflicts damage and slow down. In case the skill crashes with a wall, the beam is amplified by gaining range and being able to attack several objectives. Very useful to punish enemies who do not hide behind the minions or finish off.

  • Level 3 – E (tension rise) : If we do not throw it against a wall, it will be a small displacement. However, when crashing with a wall it works like a bard tunnel. In addition, it concentrates the damage to the following three attacks and each time we damage an enemy, decreases cooling.
  • Level 6 – R (ray shock) : Create a great explosion in area and amplifies the power of Zero. It increases our damage, attack and movement speed. In addition, it concentrates explosive fire damage in a shot that extends between enemies. It is a very powerful skill that can change the course of a fight.

Group fights

Although we can play Zero as a standard shooter in group fights, there is a radical change with respect to the rest of the champions in the position. This character Cuts out for shouting a change of rhythm so that we activate the definitive and get to annihilate enemies, shining when she plays proactively and not so much if she has to defend himself. We have tools for this, but we will need to detect the right moment on which to start with a tension rise and put the machete between your teeth.

There is a lot of work ahead in which we will have to try the boundaries of the champion and get to know them conscientiously. However, we will be rewarded for our effort. Zero is one of the most difficult handlers to dominate the game, and she can fail even self-catering, but If we get used to it, and we know it, she will reward us with effective and much more spectacular players than those of the rest of Bot Lanes.

Counters and favorable clashes

  • Zero suffers against… Alum due to the unique interaction of it, but also against any character capable of slowing it in a habitual way (Ashe or Cassiopeia) or those who can avoid the few moments of wear of it (Samira)
  • Zero is going well against… those champions based on squad to the allies of it (Lulu, Janna…) or those who also suffer when subjects in the middle (Real). Also, she can escape the slow or dependent jungles from a skill shot (Lee without)

Tricks and tips

  • The passive of q (explosive fire) gives us a bar that loads an enhanced self-assault. This is achieved both using the active and moving us, but it is lost every time we assume basic blows. Try to have it full at the beginning of an exchange.
  • The passive of explosive fire works as a skill: she can cross Yahoo walls, attack Tax when she has the hiring place, Shen’s immunity… and is blocked by shields like Civil, Morgan or Nocturne.
  • Remember that you can fail the blows of the Q and do not go through the enemies . The subjects are your greatest rivals in the line phase, since they prevent you from hitting the rivals with your main attacks. Do not go crazy and try to clean the wave to gain space for an exchange.
  • Sit in areas where the enemy does not wait for you to combine W (ultradescarga laser) and E (tension rise) to start from the war fog and end the enemies of a single explosive combo.
  • R (ray shock) Grants a potentiating that improves statistics, but also inflicts damage in area. Use it always to start and try to hit at all times to extend its duration.