The Beta test of Pubg Lite declining in Europe

PUBG Lite will arrive on October 10th in front of the fans of the European Royal Battle, providing familiar cards with 100 players reduced for low-end computers. The inhabitants of the publication regions will not be left behind the intense experience of UNKNOWN Player’s battlefields simply because they have not upgraded their PC for a while. PUBG LITE provides a unique experience with specific content of the reduced version, so it’s not just a poorer version of the game. There is already an iOS and Android version of the available experience that allows to further reduce the experience for mobile devices. Here is a complete list of regions on which PUBG Lite is being deployed, but North America is still not listed.

Europe is the most recent region to benefit from the PUBG Lite experience as part of the beta test phase. It is likely that PUBG Corporation has made many market research on the regions that would benefit the publication and dissemination of PUBG Lite in these countries first. It is good that PUBG Corporation offers similar experience to people who may not have the means to upgrade their computer or other devices. Furthermore, it’s a mutually beneficial system, because PUBG has a larger base of players and players who have been left out of the side for two years can end up on the cards we’ve earned and lost.

The beta phase of PUBG Lite has been underway since January, starting with Thailand and the SEA regions before reaching high population density areas such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. In May, the Beta phase was launched in the regions of Brazil, Turkey, South Asia, Latin America and the MENA region. Europe is the next beta phase region to reach, hoping that North America will soon receive an ad.

Are you a player whose configuration does not fully enjoy the experience of Player Unknown’s battlefields? Are you in one of the regions currently having access to the beta phase of PUBG Lite or are you a European resident who anticipates this publication? Let us know in the comments below!