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Battlefield 2042 strokes brand new mode – community has the nose full

The community of Battlefield 2042 must cope with another beat. Developer DICE has already taken a new mode offline after just one day – the reactions to Reddit show that players now have lost all patience for the shooter.

Battlefield 2042 attracted attention from false reasons on the weekend. EAS Multiplayer shooter has sawn after only one day the community-created mode Zombie Survival sawn, because there could be shared there too easily XPS.

Battlefield 2042: Zombie mode is deleted

The zombie survival mode was only about one day in Battlefield 2042 available before the developers have removed him again. As a reason, Senior Design Director Justin Waive on Twitter explained that the mode had made the XP farming too easy.

The Reddit community responded to the step with a mixture of gallows humor and disappointment . The mode was not long enough online to become a fan darling, but many commentators still criticize the way EA and developers DICE have handled the shooter since the release. (Source: Reddit)

  • Would not it has been better to reduce the XP profits? Why have you painted the entire mode? LOL. ( Reddit User Darkadvocate5423 )
  • Your whole developer team was replaced by children. ( Reddit User Marsupialize )
  • Dice is now so incompetent that it is embarrassing. 2042 is a colossal wrong. I’m furious that I have paid money for this garbage. ( Reddit User Zodiack427 )
  • I find it funny when companies see how people finally have fun in their game and then removing the reason why people continue playing. Great. ( Reddit User Limbo )

EA shooter after release problems soon F2P?

Battlefield 2042 has so far disappointed in many ways after some extremely turbulent months. Publisher EA is also far from the performance of the shooter as enthusiastic. According to the industrial insider Tom Henderson is currently debating in the company, as Battlefield 2042 still to be saved – even a free-to-play concept is apparently possible. (Source: Gig)

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EAS Battlefield 2042 again draws criticism from the community after the new game mode, Zombie Survival, was taken offline after only one day from the developer.