Demon Slayer fans are not happy with a change of manga

The second season of demon Slayer does not stop receiving praises for its great animation. Only in the past episode was clear because Notable is one of the most popular studies of recent years. However, this did not stop fans find a detail that seemed annoyed , which is related to Zenith.

Although Zenith is usually relegated to comic role, this character has several serious moments. One of these occurred during the past episode, where the demon hunter faced FACEL against one of the upper Luna six. However, the fans noticed that the classic sleep bubble that characterizes the characters asleep in the anime, was included in this scene, something that in the manga did not happen.

Zenith is a character that awake is something a coward. However, when he sleeps he gets great strength and confidence that put him at the level of Janeiro and Insure. However, by adding the mucus bubble into the previously mentioned scene, the fans have pointed out that Notable only sees this hero as a joke .

This was what a particular fan commented:

I do not understand why they added the little bubble in this scene or their fight scenes, since it was not on the sleeve and did not do it in the spider’s arch. For comedy? I suppose one does not want Zenith to look too great. Okay, Zen, your fans already know that you are the greatest.

While it is true that the bubble can take a little seriousness to the confrontation of Zenith, This detail was included so that it corresponds to the state in which the character is located. A book has been announced Official art of Demon Slayer . In the same way, the film of jujitsu Kaiser 0 will come to the cinemas of Latin America.

Editor’s note:

While I can understand the frustration of some fans, this detail does not ruin the scene between Zenith and Dali. Likewise, a continuity error of the sleeve is being fixed, the address, tone or personality of a character is not being changed, it is just a detail that should not cause any fuss.