God of was: Thats what a female Kratos would look like

It’s time to be excited about a stunning cosplay. Today we look at the Cosplayer Meg Turned. On your Instagram account, some great cosplay can be found, including 2b from Near Automata.

Could Rates look like in a new offshoot?

A Cosplay , which is particularly out, is your version of Rates from the God-of-War series. More specifically, she embodies her in her Instagram Post Rates from the latest offshoot, which in the meantime also on Steam is available.

Your shared picture definitely has all the important elements that should have a Rates cosplay so. A beautiful, snowy background, a pretty detailed costume with matching ax, and of course an impressive body painting. There it is no wonder that their contribution was received within a short time short 15,000 Likes on the social media platform.

According to Meg Turned, she started her work on this cosplay in 2018, but has never really come to complete it. The ax comes from JarmanProps, Turned had to tinker them only themselves. As a photographer, the user Anna Fug ate served. In any case, the persons involved have done pretty good work, and it is certainly not difficult to imagine that Rates could look exactly in a kind of spin-off of the series.

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