Factory Automation Sim “Factorio” Large expansion packs currently under development are comparable to the game main story. Development status is reported

Developer Wube Software reported on the development status of large expansion packs for February 4, Factory Automation Simulation Games “ Factorio “. Although the specific content content has not been revealed yet, the price is scheduled to be the same as $ 30 (3000 yen) as the game main story. That’s why it is because it aims to have the amount of content that the main story is added.

This work is a simulation game that is a planet. Technology development based on the resources obtained, we will automate transportation, purification, product production, etc. from drilling resources, and build a huge industrial plant. This work started early access delivery in STeam in 2016 and officially released in August 2020. We have received high evaluation as we obtained “overwhelming popular” in the user review of Steam, and have surpassed 2.5 million mains last February.

E X P A N D I N G to Space in Factorio

Development source Wube Software has expressed that he developed a large expansion pack in the future of this work. Although sequel development and small-scale DLC delivery were also considered, it was decided to avoid technical issues and prioritize what they wanted to do (related articles).

The studio was about to not complete the large expansion pack within one year. In fact, it does not complete within one year, and it has been mentioned this time if there is still something. However, since the scale of the team is expanded and a large number of problems in the game engine has been resolved, it will not take nine years to develop as in the game main story, but will be completed in a fairly short period of time. It is also true that it has been pre-settled in advance that the price of the above-mentioned $ 30 has not been developed in advance.

Development of large expansion packs is to proceed with the 7 steps steps. First of all, we will determine the rough theme and then start production of game objects along it. Making rails, trains, signals, signals, etc. At this stage, basic problems can be washed out.

Then, the definition of each mechanical or object is determined. Then, all subsystems are connected and the structural problems will be detected. Here, it is also possible to delete or change specific elements so that everything works well with one another. It is in a state that can be played as a large frame, and at the moment the development is progressing to this stage.

The next step is that repeated work of play test and basic improvement is waiting. The rough cutting part will be established by adjusting balance adjustment, UX, adjustment of overall pace allocation. This is likely to work with time. Further, at this stage, since the content of the content is almost solid, the production of graphics will also be full-fledged.

After that, when the extension pack is full, it starts a beta test with an invitation system while handing over the remaining details. Find a bug and crush it. In addition, it is necessary to start the MOD API test and community translation work with MOD developers.

Unlike the main story of early access delivery, large expansion packs should not be published at developing stages and want to deliver them completed. In addition, although the main story is currently version 1.1xx, updates to version 1.2 are also planned. Large expansion packs are planned to be introduced in technical, so to speak, MODs bundled with version 1.2, and they are planning to reduce the development work while securing compatibility.

“Factorio” is sold at PC (steam / gg.com) and official site. The delivery time of the large expansion pack is undecided.