Microsoft seeks to acquire Japanese developers

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According to a recent report, Microsoft continues to seek developers to acquire, especially in Japan. Due to Sony’s concentration in other markets, Microsoft seems apparently flying the market below them. The report quotes that the recent online promotional events for the PS5 took place at 5am in Tokyo so that Western fans can see it live at a more appropriate time of the day. The report does not mention any particular Japanese developer that Microsoft seeks to acquire, but it is likely that their games will meet on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate when they joined Xbox Game Studios.

Although we know that PlatiUnumgames will probably not be a Japanese developer acquired by Microsoft thanks to a recent statement by Atsushi Inaba, it seems that Microsoft continues to explore opportunities in Japan, the national territory of Sony. “It is the consensus of analysts that PlayStation no longer considers the Japanese market as important,” said Kazunori Ito, Analyst of Morningstar Research. about that.”

“Several Japan-based game developers said that (Microsoft) had approached them to buy their business,” said a developer who chose to stay anonymous. Several PlayStation staff in Japan apparently mentioned that they were expecting California’s instructions because Japan had been put away in PS5’s promotion planning.

“The Xbox has a chance to make Japan its second market after the United States if it takes the right steps for the coming years,” said Hideki Yasuda, Analyst at the ACE Research Institute of Tokyo. “Sony’s attention moves away and fans started to notice it.”

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