343i is still not ready to talk about the future of Halo Infinite

Undoubtedly, _ halo infinite _ had a strong boot last year although since then there have been a couple of trips. In addition to the problems related to the mutijugator, players are still waiting for 343 Industries Reveal a roadmap with seasonal updates, as well as novelties related to cooperative and Forge mode.

343 Industries Versus The World
Sadly, we should expect a little more to have all that information since Joseph Staten , project leader, revealed that his developers “need more time” to finish his plans. Here the full message of him:

Hello people. In November, I told them that we would have an update on our seasonal route, cooperative, and Forge for Halo Infinite in January. We need more time to finish our plans and that what we share is useful. This is my top priority, and we will have information about it as soon as we can. “

Previously, Staten mentioned that the cooperative mode would debut during the second season of infinite , while Forge would do it in the third. In other words, we will have to wait until last May this year to see any of these two modes implemented within the game.

Editor’s note: It is certainly bad news, but at least the people of 343i is being transparent with the information. The community is usually very demanding when it comes to this kind of thing, so it is preferable to keep the situation under control before it is too late.