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League of Legends reveals that Skarner will be the next vgu

Congratulations, scorpion gang; At last your time has arrived. Riot Games today announced the results of the recent VGU survey (visual and gameplay update) for league of legends where players were able to vote on what champion they would like to receive a review below. Although the competition was hard between four of the five champions that were presented in this survey, Skarner ended up being the great winner of voting and beat competition for a fairly broad margin.

SKARNER REWORK 2022 CONFIRMED - League of Legends

Each year, Riot allows League of Legends players to vote from a select champions list that they would like to see receiving a new review in the future. This year, Riot placed five different champions in this survey that included A nocturne, Tryndamere, Shyvana, Skarner and Kog’maw. The final result of the survey saw Skarner with a shocking 33.4% of the votes, which was almost double compared to the nearest next. Shyvana finished second with 19.6%, Tryndamere reached 17.3%, Kog’maw reached 15.3% and nocturne completed things with 14.4%.

While Skarner now won this vote, it is important to emphasize that the updated version of the character will not arrive. League of Legends at any time. Riot Games now has to start the repair process of Skarner, which is something he will do in the course of this year. For now, the main producer of Riot champions, Ryan Mireles, has declared that the development team plans to keep Skarner’s maximum ability intact, but plans to alter essentially all other parts of his team. As such, it seems that some quite important changes will arrive in Skarner when this new version of the champion is launch in 2023. With luck, the changes will end up being for better in the great scheme of things.

How do you feel about Skarner finally online for a VGU at League of Legends? Are you satisfied with the results of the survey? Let me know in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ Mooreman12.