Sony is more successful with the PS5 than Nintendo and Xbox

The three large console manufacturers Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have now published their financial reports for the year 2021. As it looks like Sony could survive the revenues of their competitors fairly confident.

Which console manufacturer posted the highest revenue in 2021?

Sony has a PS5 PROBLEM! More Shortages and ONLINE ONLY Games?
As the Analyst Daniel Ahmad reports on Twitter, Playstation could take in 2021 whole $ 24.87 billion . Microsoft snaps with 16.28 billion US dollars second place, followed by Nintendo with 15.3 billion US dollars Revenue for the calendar year 2021. Of course these numbers do not represent these figures The entire companies Microsoft and Sony, but only the division of video games.

The second number we should focus on is the operating result. So the operating income minus the operating expenses. Here the situation looks a little different. With $ 5.4 billion secures Nintendo First place, about twice as much as Sony with $ 2.63 billion US dollars. Microsoft unfortunately reports * Not * about the operating result of your video game division.

Both Sony and Microsoft have recently made Acquisitions in billion height . Microsoft would like to acquire the Call of Duty-Publisher Activision Blizzard, Sony, on the other hand, welcomes Destiny Developer Bungie in her ranks. Nintendo is still uncertain about acquisitions. So it will certainly be exciting as these numbers will change in a few years.

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