Darmstadt 98 vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker

On the 21st matchday of the 2nd Bundesliga meet the SV Darmstadt 98 and the Hamburg SV. At Darmstadt you can follow the entire duel in the live ticker.

SV Darmstadt vs. Hamburger SV – 0: 3



0: 1 Glatzel (5th/fe), 0: 2 Glatzel (10th), 0: 3 Glatzel (13.)

SV Darmstadt 98


Shoes – Bader, P. Pfeiffer, Isherwood, Holland – Gjasula – Crack, Kempe, Flour – L. Pfeiffer, P. Tietz

Hamburger SV


Heuer Fernandes – Heyer, Vuskovic, Schonlau, Muheim – Feffert – Rice, Kinsombi – Jatta, Glatzel, Alidou

Yellow cards



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Darmstadt 98 vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga now in the live ticker – 0: 3

27.: SKARKE flanks from the right – directly to the arms of this year. But at all, something to do with his hands.

25.: Glatzel has achieved the shared fastest Hattrick of the second division history – only Nils Petersen laced on July 27, 2015 for Freiburg at a 6-3 against Nuremberg also in the first 13 minutes a Hattrick.

23.: Hamburg plays really appreciable football, Darmstadt runs almost only afterwards.

20.: Heyer flanks from the right half-field to the second post and nobody stands with rice. He does not hit the ball with his head but do not put them next to the gate.

18.: The lilies are under shock, the HSV controls the encounter completely and Darmstadt must be careful not to be a worse bankrupt.

15.: L. Pfeiffer tries a shot of 20 meters, but several meters on the gate.

Darmstadt 98 vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga now in the Liveticker HSV

13.: TOOOOOR! Darmstadt – Hamburg 0: 3. Hattrick Glatzel! What’s going on with the leader? Heyer marched from right undisturbed to the sixteen, flanking to the second post, where Glatzel can take the ball freestanding volley to promote him from the bottom of the latte to the gate.

Darmstadt 98 vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga now in the Liveticker HSV

10.: TOOOOOR! Darmstadt – Hamburg 0: 2. What a kick-off of the hamburgers! A free kick near the corner flag muheim circles to the fiffer. Glatzel screws up and heads the ball against the direction of shoes in the stitches. Double pack for the striker!


8.: Darmstadt will now have to react, but for the time being you do not realize much. The HSV has the ball and lets him run in peace. This year comes far from his box to participate in the game building.

6.: Perfect start for HSV. The first penalty campaign of the guests also leads to the leadership hit.

Darmstadt 98 vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga now in the Liveticker HSV

5.: TOOOOOR! Darmstadt – Hamburg 0: 1. Glatzel is running, makes a short intermediate jump, sees that shoes want to jump to the left and sunk the ball into the other corner.

4.: Penalty for Hamburg! Jatta is standing for Alidou, who comes to the ball shortly before the shoes and then hit by the keeper on the leg. The impartial shows immediately.

4.: Darmstadt counter to Tietz, who wants to put the free crowd in scene. But the ball slips over his foot and he plays him in his back of his teammate.

1.: The ball rolls.

Darmstadt 98 vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga now in the Livetick – kick-off

Before starting: The 34-year-old Matthias Jöllenbeck will lead the game.

Before starting: For the HSV, meanwhile, the failure of the yellow-locked smock weighs heavy: He is with ten assists of the league of the league, against St. Pauli he prepared both Hamburg goals. It’s the first time since the 2nd matchday that he is not in the starting element.

Before starting: Is particularly motivated today, Darmstadt’s Gjasula will be: He changed at the beginning of the season changed from Hamburg to Darmstadt and has been 13 times in the start of the lilies since then. For the HSV, however, a total of only eight starting fields were. For the lilies he already comes to four gate participations (a goal, three assists), at the HSV he was completely without remained.

Before starting: A large proportion of this success has the Darmstadt offensive: With 45 goals it is the best of the league. These are more goals than ever for the lilies after 20 games in the lower house and already more than in the entire rise season 2014/15 (44).

Before starting: But we do not want to represent HSV here as a clear favorite. Darmstadt is not in vain at the top of the table: the Hessen play with 39 points after 20 games their best season in the integral 2. League. Of the last twelve games, the lilies have lost only one (nine victories, two draws).

Before starting: And a statistic speaks today for the HSV: In the 2nd league, he has not lost a single of his six games against a leader (three victories, three draws). This season there was a 1-1 against Dresden on the second matchday and only on the last matchday the derby victory against St. Pauli.

Before starting: Statistically, the Böllenfaltor is a pavement that lies the red: you have lost none of your eight away games at the SVD (five victories, three draws) in professional football – with no other team, the Hamburgers came out in professional football abroad Often, without being subject to. Conversely, the lilies disputed so many home games against no other team without winning one.

Before starting: One euro has to go to the Phrasenschwein: We expect a classic six-point game here. Leader Darmstadt can bring with a victory eight counter between a direct competitor and herself and also build a pad of at least four points on all his pursuers. Should the HSV win, the top field would move closely: between the first SVD and the table-sixth, which would then be the 1st FC Heidenheim, would only be two counters in this case.

Before starting: Here, too, after the 2: 1 derby victory against St. Pauli, no change would have been given if coatings would not have been yellow-locked. For him, Kinsombi is in the starting eleven.

  • Heuer Fernandes – Heyer, Vuskovic, Schonlau, Muheim – Feffert – Rice, Kinsombi – Jatta, Glatzel, Alidou

Before starting: Torsten Lieberknecht sends exactly the same eleven man on the field, which won two weeks ago in Ingolstadt 2: 0.

  • Shoes – Bader, P. Pfeiffer, Isherwood, Holland – Gjasula – Crack, Kempe, Flour – L. Pfeiffer, P. Tietz

Before starting: Eight points in the past four league games – the score of Hamburger SV can be seen. However, even better in shape is the SV Darmstadt 98, which could decide three of past four games and thus lingered in place one of the table, since yesterday also the FC St. Pauli Patzte. In the first round Darmstadt and the HSV shared with a 2: 2 draw.

Before starting: **** At 1.30 pm, the game of the 21st matchday goes off. The village is the Merck Stadium at the Böllenfalltor (Darmstadt).

Before starting: **** Hello and welcome to the second division between Darmstadt 98 and the Hamburg SV.

Darmstadt 98 vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga today on TV and Livestream

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Darmstadt 98 vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga – official listings

Darmstadt 98: Shoes – Bader, P. Pfeiffer, Isherwood, Holland – Gjasula – Crack, Kempe, Flour – L. Pfeiffer, P. Tietz

Hamburger SV: Heuer Fernandes – Heyer, Vuskovic, Schlau, Muheim – Feffert – Rice, Kinsombi – Jatta, Glatzel, Alidou

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2. Bundesliga: The table on the 21st matchday

Rank Team Games S U N Goals Diff. Pkt.
1 SV Darmstadt 98 20 12 3 5 45: 22 23 39
2 FC St. Pauli 21 11 5 5 42: 29 13 38
3 Werder Bremen 21 11 5 5 41: 29 12 38
4 FC Schalke 04 21 11 4 6 42: 25 17 37
5 1. FC Heidenheim 1846 21 11 4 6 28: 26 2 37
6 Hamburger SV 20 8 10 2 34: 20 14 34
7 1. FC Nuremberg 21 9 6 6 29: 28 1 33
8 SC Paderborn 07 21 8 7 6 38: 28 10 31
9 Jahn Regensburg 21 9 4 8 40: 32 8 31
10 Karlsruher SC 20 6 8 6 34: 32 2 26
11 Holstein Kiel 20 6 7 7 26: 32 -6 25
12 Dynamo Dresden 20 7 3 10 21: 26 -5 24
13 Hannover 96 21 6 6 9 16: 30 -14 24
14 Hansa Rostock 20 5 6 9 21: 32 -11 21
15 Fortuna Dusseldorf 20 5 5 10 23: 29 -6 20
16 SV Sandhausen 20 5 5 10 22: 39 -17 20
17 Erzgebirge Aue 21 3 6 12 17: 39 -22 15
18 FC Ingolstadt 04 21 3 4 14 20: 41 -21 13