Eintracht, Glasner: Poker with Kruse and Super Bowl with chips

Glasner did not lead any unnecessary egg dance in the question of the compensation for the injured Makoto Hasbe (pneumothorax), but stated: “Martin Hinteregger will definitely play and enjoy our full trust. He was very good and engaged this week.”

For years, it would have been worth mentioned that Hinteregger plays – the crowd pleasure was undisputed power carriers and regular players. In this season, however, he lacks the constancy, even if his achievements under the dash are still neat (Player Consultant-not cut 3.59). “Whether his achievements he was criticized there and there,” White Glasner, but takes his Austrian compatriot in protection: “Martin has always struggled with injury problems this year. That was one or the other game that was not so good, But there were other very good games. We won with him against Leverkusen 5: 2, which is only a few weeks ago. “

07. February 202201: 43: 36 hours


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KMD logs back from the country break with a special order! Alex and Benni invited the two managing directors of the Player Consultant Agency “Roof” Daniel DeLonga and Thorsten Wirth, including Kai Hvertz and Serge Gnabry to their clients. The duo speaks u.a. In detail about how player consultants actually earn their money and what needs to change urgently so that the industry gets a better call. In addition, in the new episode, of course, the two Bundesliga top games of the weekend are analyzed and Player Consultant reporter George Moissidis explains why the VfB Stuttgart is in acute reliance danger.

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Hinteregger now has to show that he can change the switch again. As a central link of the triple chain, he has to precede a stable, sovereign performance and lead his young secondary people Tuta (22) and Evan Ndicka (22). In addition, he should be careful to shape the game structure as flat as possible. High longings towards Rafael Borré and Jesper Lindström would be sentenced to failure. Also, Glasnner also points out when he describes the challenges against Wolfsburg: “We have to deal with their attacks from the 3-4-3, their very offensive outside and very well dealing between the lines players. How can we prevent that we can prevent Maximilian Arnold tears the game on him and repeatedly relocated the page? How can we use it, the spaces that arose to the left and right of the triple chain, how can we have their defensive with an average size of 1.91 meters from problems Set? With long balls and header dives that would be difficult with Lindström and Borré. “

“It was really punch and train in it”

In principle, the coach demands “Wolfsburg to disturb early” so that VFL can not even bring his playful class to the place. At least one worry he already has less – with a simple and ingenious idea he wants to stop leisure-gambling Max Kruse. “Actually, I did not want to tell that, but we organize a poker tournament and hope he is with it,” Glashner betrayed with a smile.

Of course, he rather relies on their own performance – and is happy about the self-confidence obtained at the 3: 2 success in Stuttgart. “By victory, a few backpacks dropped. I had the impression that everything went a bit easier. We had a great intensity in this training week, it was really punch and train in it,” reports the coach. Personnel he has to do without Hasbe only on striker Ragnar Ache (muscle injury). Spielmacher Daichi Kamada and left outside Filip Kostic, both of which were missing in Stuttgart, trained the team with the team.

Kostic “might be eight, nine training days”

Even with only 80 percent fitness a sought-after man at the Frankfurt Eintracht: Antriber Filip Kostic. imago images / EU images

Both will probably return to the starting eleven. Unless Glasner decides to secure the left side with Christopher Lenz and prefer Kostic in 3-4-3 on Kamada’s position. This variant does not exclude the coach on demand, but more likely is that Kostic and Kamada play to have enough offensive players in the field.

“Filip is certainly not at 100 percent. That’s not possible at all. On 18 December, the last round match against Mainz, then there was ten days vacation. Then he was a week in training, then he got Covid-19 – And then the international break, in which we had to take him out of Achilles tendon problems. Then he was sick again. In the last six weeks, he might have eight, nine training days, “recapitulated Glasner. However, “Even with 80 percent, Filip is good. Because there are properties that are very good for our team.” That does not sound like Kostic just sitting on the bench.

The rooms that are sometimes open for the opponent in 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 in Kostic’s back, you have to accept well or evil. “Filip has an extreme urge into the offensive, thus sometimes get gaps in the back gaps that apply it. This makes Evan Ndicka in the network with the others mostly very good,” says Glasner. This also succeeds on Saturday, inevitably the chances of rising that the coach in the night on Monday has experienced a relaxed super bowl night (0.30 o’clock mez, live! At Player Consultant).

In Launigen words, he announced at the end of the press conference concerning the big NFL final between the Cincinnati Bengals around the young playmaker Joe Burrov and the Los Angeles Rams around Quarterback Matthew Stafford: “Footballers and hairdressers free on Monday. That’s why they can the whole Night Super Bowl look. I’ll do that too. That’s the only TV evening, where I’ll give myself chips. I’m looking forward to it – hopefully with then 34 points. “

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