Intel, GPU reciprint “millions will supply millions”

Intel said, “Let’s try to supply hundreds of graphic chipsets each year,” when the US game specialist medium was released to Intel in the first quarter of the “Arc Alcemist”, which was developed in the first quarter.

PC gamers said on the 28th (Local Time) Pat Gel Singe Intel CEO “The only hope of the currently earned graphics card is Intel” appealed.

Lee, La Ja Kodudi, director of the Intel Graphics Sector, said the next day, “It is aimed at working with a PC gamer on a PC gamer every year.” Pat Gel Singe CEO said the same day “sympathizes on PC gamers”.

■ PC Gamer released “The only hope in the current situation is Intel”

“MILLIONS” Of GPUs Coming!

US Gaming Media PC Gamers said on January 28, the publication of Pat Gel Singe Intel CEO, “the only hope that can escape from the crisis currently in the graphics chipset market.”

PC gamers have been the influence of two companies such as “NVIDIA and AMD (former ATI) such as” NVIDIA and AMD (former ATI), such as NVIDIA and AMD (former ATI), and Intel’s help, I asked to launch the card. “

In addition, “AMD and NVIDIA are not interested in changing the pricing of the graphics card, and if Intel is going to go to the graphics card industry, it is now. It would only have the appropriate price. “

■ Major executives “Pc Gamer empathy… millions of chip supply goals”

The public book of PC gamers has led to the response of executives related to Intel Arc Graphics Chipset and CEO.

Laz Kodudi Intel Senior Architect (Vice President) is a “PC Gamer’s opinion) through Twitter (29th), which is released by the public book of the PC Gamer (29th), and the PC gamers (rising graphics card prices) and PC gamers and industry I have been crazy. “

“The Intel Graphics Division is committed to realizing a goal for supplying millions of arc graphics chips to PC gamers every year.” Such a Pat Gell Singe, quoted the tweets of Rajabodori, “I am also empathy of PC gamers.” I am currently working. “

■ Stable mass production, cryptographic mining limit ‘Unknown’

In addition, NVIDIA, which has secured the largest share in the graphics chipset market for PCs, as well as AMD does not handle current market demand, and it is true that the product is attracting to cryptelimal mining than those who enjoy PC games.

There is also anxiety factors in Intel, which will supply millions of graphics chipsets. First, Intel Arc Alcemist Graphics Chipset is produced using N6 processes of Taiwan TSMC, not Intel facilities.

The TSMC N6 process has been entering the mass production from the fourth quarter of 2020 and has been passed in a year, and is sufficiently stable to have a problem in yields. However, many companies other than Intel needs a stable mass production every year because it requires TSMC production capacity.

Graphics Cards The encryption mining limit of the largest cause of the recipient is remained as a variable.

Laz Kodudi Intel said on October, “I will not apply a special limitation on the encryption mining function of the arc alcemist chipset”. Therefore, the arc alcemist also remains risk that it will be directly to the crypto filling field, not the mistake, not a mistake.