Sony reveals the complete specifications of the PS5

Just like Microsoft earlier this week, Sony presented the full specifications of the PS5. The information came to us via a detailed presentation of Mark Cerny, originally intended for the GDC conference canceled this year. The detailed specifications reveal a system more or less comparable to the Xbox Series X.

Watch Sony reveal details about its PS5 game console (full presentation)

Two of the main focal points of the presentation were the supercharged SSD and the new 3D audio equipment, the Tempest engine. With a proposed reading speed of 5.5 GB / s, the SSD will completely eliminate loading times. Which, in turn, change the way the set of game is designed. So many stairs, elevators and sinuous passages will no longer be necessary to allow the resources of the game to load in the background.

And yet, even with all this power under the hood, the complete specifications of the PS5 are slightly lower than those of the Xbox Series X. Will this make a difference for players? Or are we walking in a scenario Pepsi vs exhausting coke? Yes, they are different, but not in a way that counts. You can view the appropriate specifications distribution below. For the moment, the PS5 is always ready to go out this holiday season.