UFL: New FIFA competitor finally shows first gameplay

The upcoming football simulation UFL wants to break the dominance of EAS FIFA franchise. Now the new candidate on the online throne finally shows first gameplay impressions – and puts its largest star in the center.

After football fans on their consoles and PCs for years had only choice between Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA , 2022 a new name wants to mix the competition: UFL is intended for online multiplayer a new alternative with licensed stars and fair gamer Be design. Now a trailer shows first impressions from the gameplay.

UFL: Trailer with Ronaldo, De Bruyne and Firmino

In the first official gameplay trailer, fans can already take a first look at some of the biggest names in world football – Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin de Bruyne, Roberto Firmino and Romelu Lukaku are all as a virtual player and should be loud the trailer Just like your real role models move.

Look here at 14:48 the first gameplay trailer to UFL:


In addition to the star squad, in which, above all Cristiano Ronaldo falls into the eye as an advertiser, the trailer shows some gameplay animations and insights into the action behind the scenes. Players will be able to design and build their own club – The menu remembers FIFA’s Ultimate Team Mode . In addition, the trailer presents some of the club licenses: In addition to West Ham United, UFL could obviously also win the AS Monaco, Besiktas Istanbul and Schachtar Donetsk for themselves.

FIFA competitor enters 2022 the place

UFL should appear according to the trailer as free-to-play online multiplayer 2022 , but only when it’s d1. This could certainly be seen as a side bolt on Konamis Efootball release, which was thrown in 2021 as a painfully unfinished product on the market. Whether UFL on Konamis simulation pivot and possibly even Eas Place Hirsch FIFA 22 can take a visual, will have to show.

In our picture gallery we show you the best features of the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S:

The new sports game UFL wants to conquer the football market in 2022 and make Efootball and FIFA 22 competition. The first gameplay trailer shows some moments from the gameplay and moves the big name licenses to the fore.