25 years Tibia: A freshman goes into the legendary MMO

Vergib me father, because I have sinned.

Granted, that sounds much more dramatic than it’s actually. I did not commit a criminal offense or publicly doubt the gentlemen, so Habe Newell. I have never played a single MMO to my absolute shame, in the last 22 years as a humanoid being, never.

No World of Warcraft, No Dark Age of Camelot, No Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars, Ultima Online or ESO. There was never the impulse to lose themselves together with other people in a fantasy world and, in parallel, to invest a four-digit number of hours, from the cost at the time of the WoW subscription model completely silent (said the proud iracing subscriber and Nintendo customer…)

Then suddenly it said: “Simon, there is this tibia, has become 25 recently… Can you do something?”

Tibia… What’s in God’s name is Bittschön Tibia? A shinb1. Great, thank you google.

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Apparently, Tibia, apart from that, is one of the oldest active MMO RPGs in the world. And it comes from Germany, from Regensburg to be accurate, originally collapsed by three nerd students.

So why not use the opportunity, and gradually dig into the gloomy depths of the late 1990s, at least in video game form. Below are my first steps in the world of MMO-RPGs, and that’s just tibia.

Chapter 1 – “Beautiful” new world

So you set yourself in front of your own computers, logs in to the Tibia online system, there is a more or less humorous name (Prost Korus) and starts the tutorial of this game published in 1997. Tibia is basically free 2 play, optional premium accounts exist in parallel.

Immediately the simple look is in the eye: pixel look, barely animations, slightly oblique top-down perspective. Tibia has undoubtedly developed itself since 1997, but the first impression is quite bizarre, especially as outstanding. But even bizarre is the fact that there is no sound.

Read correctly, the largest Bavarian MMO has no sound for 25 years! Although this should change 2022 by updating, which was announced for the 25th anniversary, but ulcingly the circumstance remains anyway.

I spoke for my reportage with Stephan Voigt, one of the urfathers behind Tibia. According to him, sound was always somewhere on a to-do list, but the demands of the steadily growing community were often completely different. Thus, it took up to the 25th anniversary until this feature was tackled.

Gabe Newell Gives out his password while presenting a safety feature of Steam

At the beginning of the game one chooses between one of the four character classes: knights, paladin, druide or magicians. I decide for the knight and make me on the way to the world of Tibia.

What is the fascination of this game? Is it unfair to ask this question during the tutorial, while you fail on your own incompetence and does not realize that you just have to click opponents once to kill them and not the mouse button spam?

Tibia is based on the MUD concept, “Multi-User Dungeon”. In principle, something like Dungeons & Dragons on the Internet. The online world was new territory for developers from Regensburg, as well as the possibilities of this exciting new technology. This was the urge to develop a MUD with a graphic representation. The result was in early 1997 Tibia.

With a little info from NPCs to the world of Tibia you run through the area, click on Monster and waiting for an AHA moment. The moment, in which one may understand this phenomenon at least a little.

Chapter 2 – Socialization

“Man wants to talk to other people from nature”.

This quote from an old telephone provider advertisement quite describes the impulse, which I feel at this early stage of the Tibia expedition. Who can help me in this situation? Completely alone anywhere in a city on any server, without context, sound or ideas for the next step.
I climb through wolves, rats, beetles and other monstrous shapes without the social interaction of this genre, which builds on social interaction to experience. It was probably just Tibia a pioneer of this aspect.

Tibia was – and is – freedom, this is the claim of the game itself. Rules, guilds, social structures, architecture, trade, everything of players created, guarded and fought. From corruption to wars to weddings, the entire spectrum of human interaction exists.

To date, there are endless myths at the time of the Regensburg MMOS, from legendary weapons on wars, unique users and mysteries of the game world. Whole YouTube channels regularly dedicate themselves to these myths and keep the Lore in the world Tibias also for outsiders alive. Tibia has been further developed, refined and finally commercialized by premium accounts. The popularity of the game exploded ironently in particular outside Germany, for example in Brazil.

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