Pokemon Legends: Arceus is already a great seller in Nintendo Switch

The TRUTH About Pokemon Legends Arceus For Nintendo Switch....
The first sales data of pokémon legends: Arceus is starting to arrive, and it seems that the Nintendo Switch game has had a great start. According to Christopher Dring of Gamesindustry.BIZ, leyenas: Arceus had the fourth better launch that the series has seen in the United Kingdom. No exact sales figures have been given, and this only represents physical copies. However, the game had a larger debut than last year. _ Bright and bright pearl, and it is also the best-selling pokémon game where there was not a second version, surpassing a 22-year record established by pokémon yellow in Game Boy Color.

Dring tweets about achievement can be found embedded below.

In a follow-up tuit, Dring continued saying that the physical sales of pokémon legends: Arceus were so strong in the United Kingdom that “represented almost 50% of all the set-up games sold” during the last week. That is an incredible achievement, particularly because the game offers a series of great changes with respect to the traditional Formula of Pokémon. It was very difficult to evaluate how well the game would work so close after the launch of brightness and bright pearl_, but the proximity clearly did not play a factor.

It will be interesting to see how well leyenas: Arceus performs in the long term! The Pokémon Games tend to have strong legs, and Nintendo’s own games in particular continue to be very successful. Pokémon sword and shield and pokémon: Come on, are currently the fifth and eighth game best sold in Nintendo Switch, respectively. Given the extremely positive critical reception _legendas: Arceus seen during the last week, the game may even exceed its predecessors. With luck, Nintendo will not wait too much before providing some specific sales figures, particularly for North America. Either way, this is a very good sign for the game and the series in general!

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is now available, exclusively in Nintendo Switch. Readers can check all our previous game coverage here.

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