League of legends

LOL: The escape of a Leblanc in Soloq that has caused the bewilderment of the rival team

My jungler trolled & flamed me so I ended his career the very next game against him with my Leblanc.
Season 12 of League of Legends is being a total madness in terms of players and content creation. As the years pass, the number of users playing increases and the clips that can be extracted from the twitch direct are increasingly surprising than before. One-five pieces , Baron Robberians At the last moment or escapes that seemed impossible are the day-to-day of Riot Games Moba’s Forum. However, this time we wanted to highlight over the others this* escape so sinuous and spectacular on the part of a Leblanc , with which their shadows have left the rivals without the opportunity to end it.

It has been the user “hackalittv” who has shared his play from Reddit, causing a wave of positive votes thanks to the enormous expertise of him. The situation is as follows: Leblanc was in the central lane to try to improve the numbers of him besieging the subjects, since going two to five is not all good for the murder of magical damage. It was here when. However, we already know how Leblanc works, so using the copies of it tried to get away from all of them.

With the skills already spent it seems that the end of her was close, but she still had the flash as an escape route to be able to run away from there. But, to everyone’s surprise, she she would use the flash to play with the head of all the enemies , Hiding in the bush and causing a confusion worthy of the best magicians in the world. Thus, with the _backeo, he returned to base, causing a huge pleasure for having left his at a moment as extreme as his.