The announcement of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is not what the fans expected

For the average player in Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is supported. The game does not receive more balance updates or DLC characters. However, the game tournament scene is still admitted, but it is not admitted from everything well.


Between Super Smash Bros A body and Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the series still dominates a rather vibrant competitive scene that Nintendo has been notoriously bad to defend. This has not changed. The Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tomorrow begins the Nintendo vs Challenge Cup February 2022. What will the winners of this tournament get? It is not a great prize. Not even close.

As you can see through the Tweet below, the “best players” will win prizes such as My Nintendo golden points or a portable Nintendo Switch case. Meanwhile, the “Grand Prize” includes a trophy, a jacket and a backpack. As expected, Super Smash Bros. The fans have not been very receptive to this. The tournament is not attracting a lot of attention, which is not surprising considering what are the rewards. The little attention you are getting is almost exclusively negative.

Fortunately, the competitive players of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have something to wait. The first Super Smash Broson championship circuit with official license in North America is still scheduled for this year, although it remains to be seen how it will be compared with other events of fighting games.

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