East Soft, 2021 sales and operating profit to achieve maximum performance

AI Service Professional Enterprises East Soft (047560, Representative Normal) was proved to have been tempted by W89.4bn, operating profit of W89.4bn, operating profit of W14.4bn in 2021, on the 14th K-IFRS Connection Financial Statement.

According to the disclosure of the company, sales increased by 6.9% YoY, and operating profit has been aggregated by over twice as long as operating profit has increased by 111.0%. Everyone is the biggest performance since the Changsha. In addition, the net profit of the same period was 41.3%, and it was 10.1 billion won.

The company said, “Despite the sales of Corona 19, the portal and the commerce sales have died in the field of portals and the commerce. “East Soft continues to grow up with a single break since 2012,” he added.

Actually, last year, the security, utility software licenses and enterprise affiliate sales have continued, and the East Games’s Caval Mobile also contributed to this earnings growth while expanding business to Southeast Asia. In addition, the performance of the Techpin business, which has been continuing to invest in a one axial axis of the future flagship business, seems to have been created in the asset management division, and the investment in the new business is now began to be reflected in deletion.

East Soft has been raising profitability with steady sales growth after surplus of surplus in 2Q2020, and since 2021, OP margin has been maintained in two digits. This is expected to have a stable revenue creation basis for visualized new business performance and its sales leverage based on the expansion of the exterior.

This year, the AI-based meta bus business, which the company, which is a long period of time, This is a financial institution for expansion of the Techpin business, ▲ Kobab and MOU, and the NFT business of the game business division that throws the exemption table, and the number of visitors, and the number of visitors to the Glasses Commerce business, etc. It is a plan to break the circle.

East Soft officials said, “As a” metaverse-related company, a significant sales and surplus is rare, “said East Soft officials are rare,” I am a stable Cashixa, “as a stability, At the same time, we will focus on accelerating new business growth. “

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Details related to East Soft’s 2021 provisional performance can be found in the financial supervisor electronic disclosure system.