Galaxy S22 reservation for the first day of sale 3 ~ 4 times

Galaxy S22 Series Reservations The first day of sale, the first day of purchase, was found to reach 3 to 4 times the previous Galaxy S21. Galaxy S Series Reservation Sales Records are also evaluated for the first day of the first day.

According to the telecommunications industry, according to the telecommunications industry, the sale of reservations focusing on Galaxy S22 Ultra is getting popular on the 14th.

By telecommunications, the reservation of the Ultra model among the total Galaxy S22 series is about 70% of SK Telecom, about 70%, KT about 60%, and 53% of LG U Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra First Look
The Galaxy S22 Ultra model is a terminal with a S-pen for the first time Galaxy S series. It is a similar design with the built-in built-in function that is mounted only on the Galaxy Note series.

As a result, the waiting demand for Galaxy notes was exploded and has been analyzed in the telecommunications industry.

In addition to traditional popular colors such as black, green, green, Burgundy color is a high popularity in the same time.

In addition, the major reservation sales waits were compared with the proportion of 20s and 40s, as in the middle of the 30s and 40s, as the existing Samsung Electronics flagship smartphone.