[Steam of today] Myeongpyeong smells and jumi? Total Warhammer 3 1st place

Total Warriors in two days ahead of the release: Warhammer 3 steamed in the world’s top selling first. Thanks to the high professionals’ assessment, the purchase public opinion is formed early.

CohhCarnage Plays Total War: Warhammer 3 (Sponsored By Total War Warhammer 3) - Episode 1

Total Warrior: Warhammer 3 started the sale of the steam in January since January, which started selling reservations. On the 14th, on the previous day, we also recorded fourth in Daing Lite 2 and Eldon Ring, Rost Arc Starter Pack. But the first place is the first time.

The cause of high attention is compressed into two. As the release is approaching and several information is released, the purchase rush of gamers who have posted a purchase as it became released. It is also a high assessment of the meta-cantic rating of 87 points (as of 8:30 am). Experience the game in advance The media did not spare a game called ‘the best Total War’, ‘the perfect end of the trilogy,’ the perfect ending of the three trilogy, ‘the perfect ending of the third side.’ These dots seem to have derived the purchase button for gamers that were not convinced and were worried.

Another aspect of the game is also the SNK Daejeon Fighting Game Representative ‘KOF 15’, which is also released on the 17th. It was very low, and this work was very low, and when this work was a long time to disclose characters, it is a remarkable figure considering that the negative public opinion was quite high. I will have to look at the work of the bus, or the work of the Story’s death or destroyed, will be able to lead the KOF series’s rejection, or it will be a period that will be a period that will not be able to do the rejection of the KOF series.

At the top of the team, the number of copies of Rost Arc, who exceeded 1310,000 out of the previous day, came down to 109 million people. It is judged that the server problem and the queue, etc., which are constantly raised, are affected. In Korea, it is difficult to assume that it is a successful arc that has been rebounded, but abroad, such a dramatic situation is possible. You must solve the server problem a day and maintain the rise.