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SF Novel “Dune” Original 4X Strategy “DUNE: SPICE WARS” First Game Play Footage!

Publisher FUNCOM and Developer Shiro Games, Frank Herbert’s SCI-Fi Novel Series “ Dune ( Dune )” new work “ DUNE: SPICE WARS ” The first game play video has been released.

In this work, we will develop a battle around the desert planet Arakis, extension of life, expansion of perception, and valuable resources that enable movement between stelves, “spice”. Players play as one of multiple powers, and use conspiracy, combat, spy activities, etc. to beat the enemy.

# Frank Herbert’s “DUNE”

Experience the unique world of “DUNE” that has the biggest impact on his SF world of modern. You can play as a symbolic character, such as the Duke of Reto Atrades, Burdimir Halconnen Baron, and lead your power to victory. Watch out for huge sandworm threats that govern dangerous sand dunes.

# Clean the way

DUNE: Spice Wars - Everything Know So Far

How to choose either astrology, political influence, economic advantage, either a battle
Let’s rob the power of the most important planet in the universe! You can use an intelligence person to interfere with enemy planning. You can vote for political solutions in Land Slord to enable further strategies.

# Real-time 4x

Search for sand dunes with an ornisopter (bird type plane), and find places to draw resources, villages and other interests. Expanding the unit will allow you to dominate more areas. In addition, let’s use resources through buildings and spice collecting machines to dominate economically. It is good to eliminate enemies with strong military power, but if you exercise the armed power, political repulsion may be stronger later.

“Dune: SPICE WARS” is scheduled to deliver STEAM early access to spring 2022. In addition to this work, an open world survival multiplayer game that is also set in the world of “Dune” is also under development.