Twitch star: Amouranth says she would defeat Ninja in a fist fight

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Again, the streamer Kaitlyn Siragusa Alias ​​ Amouranth knows attention, After only a few days ago, with another and surprising million investment in a irritation company.

Now the “official” Playboy model provokes again: In a fist fight against streaming star Ninja she would win loose \ – says at least the 28-year-old. She also has a good justification for it. Does it soon come to a fight between the two?

What did Amouranth said?

Amouranth has released a new YouTube video in which it is about which other streamers can record the Texanerin in a fist campaign.

Among other things, she claims that she can cut out the blue-haired streaming star ninja with ease . It also provides a simple, but good reason.

Why would the streamer win?

“I would win one hundred percent, because Ninja does not play with women” explains the 28-year-old. “He would just depart. I do not even have to try it.”

This dissat against Ninja goes back to a controversy of 2018 when the streamer revealed that he did not go online with women to avoid the reproach, they would flirt with them. ** But not enough of the Side slides!

Also his wife gets her fat

Against Ninjas Mrs. Amouranth gets a blow. “[…] His wife would probably try to sue me” blasishes the streamer’s streamer from the USA.

Also this top is no coincidence: after a discussion between the Twitch Stars Pokimane and Ninja threatened the wife of Ninja to sue Pokimane for slander.

What did Ninja and his wife react to the attacks? You read this down, just continue scrolling._

How do Ninja and his wife react?

Both Ninja Alias ​​Richard Tyler Blevins as well as its spouse Jessica Blevins have not been commented on the Dieben announcements of Amouranth. ** The 28-year-old streamer is known in addition to their freedom of movement in front of the camera for steep statements and the up construct of attention.

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