Joe City, Essential Massball: Crypto Contribute

Joey City (Representative Building Won) announced on the 17th that the new P2E (Play to Earn) game was developed by the new P2e (Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict “.

‘Essential Municipal: Crypto Contribute’ is a mobile war simulation game that succeeds the charm of the original ‘Essential Municipal Citizen’. It is characterized by adding new fun elements of P2E, the addition of new goods ‘titanium’ and ‘Milico’ that are linked with WMIS.

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For users who participated in Apple App Store and Google Play Store pre reservation, the Ephesian fighter F-14st finished products, 5 minutes of accelerated 500 tickets, 500 troops, and 100% of the warships are given.

Joey City is a policy to disclose new artwork and content information through brand pages and continue to expect the user’s expectations.

Particularly, immediately after the official brand page of the last 11th, it was a great interest in P2E, which has received great interest from the world’s users, including securing a lot of followers in Twitter and Telegram.

In addition, a two-weekly event in milliseconds with a pre-reservation implementation is carried out. Market pre-reservation completed, input a millicho token through a drawing for a user target that performed a predetermined mission, such as entering Hidden Code in Youtube video.

On the other hand, ‘Essential Municipal: Krypto Contribute’ will be released in early March through WMADE’s Wi-Mix platform, and more information can be found on the official brand page.