Eintracht Frankfurt: Glasner not only sees the naked numbers

“In the last games of the first round we were celebrated as if we were a candidate for the German championship,” recalls coach Oliver Glasner. That may be a little bit exaggerated, but of course he and his team got a lot of praise for the successes, which also associated with a footballing development.

After three home defeats in series and only four points from five games 2022, the big weather situation does not look so sunny anymore. But Glasner is not a friend of looking alone on the naked numbers. By way of examples, he takes a differentiated consideration. “Our game against Wolfsburg was much better than our away game in Gladbach, but we have won. If I see our first half in Gladbach, we found not de facto until the 44th minute. With an action we achieved that 1: 1, and then we had 20 very good minutes after halftime, “summarizes the coach.

“Against Leverkusen stood after 20 minutes 0: 2. I believe that you thought in the grandstand: Oh my God, what can be a debacle for a debacle? And then we win 5: 2. Often we quickly achieved the connection hit, In Munich we were 0: 1 behind, in return fell 1: 1. ” These moments are also available in the current phase, the crucial difference: “Currently we lack the efficiency.”

In the crucial moments before the opponent and the own goal, we are not so efficient and good as in our best phase.

Oliver glassner

Rafael Borré did not meet since his double pack at 2: 3 against Dortmund on the 18th matchday anymore, Jesper Lindström went completely empty in this calendar year despite numerous chances, and Daichi Kamada merely carried out at the 1-1 in Augsburg in the scorer list. From the trio in the offensive, more needs to come, even the penalty campaign is to be improved, as well as the precision of the passing in the last third, and it may not be blessed in and around the penalty area. Glasner sums up: “In the game between the two criminal rooms, I actually see ourselves better than in many games of the first round. But in the crucial moments before the opposing and their own goal, we are not as efficient and good as in our best phase.”

After all, the Eintracht after 3: 2 success in Stuttgart travels two weeks ago as a spreadsheet from the away table to Cologne, where Glasner “full throttle football expects from the first to the last second”. It is to be expected that significantly larger spaces are revealed than most recently against the deep-legged Wolfsburg. That came to the Frankfurttern this season more frequently.

17. February 202201: 42 minutes

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