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How to get meat, playing for the kingdom of flags in Total War: Warhammer 3

Bonus for pre-order Total War: Warhammer 3. The kingdom of fires is one of the most unique fractions in the game. Relying on the outposts and meat in their game style, it can be strange to play for the faces when you are accustomed to a more “civilized” style of playing the others.

To get their most important meat resource, you will need to enter into battle. Use the option after the battle to give meat the units of the kingdom of the flames.

To check your meat, find the number under the icon of your legendary Lord. It will be indicated here how much meat goes and how much your army consumes every move.

Buildings in cities and camps will also give meat. The camps are supplied with the meat of the army of flags away from the cities, while the proximity to the city and the placement of the garrison also supply the detachment with meat.

Butches, the type of hero for types, can also give a passive meat bonus of the army, if they join one of them.

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Calibration of meat and battle is the key to the style of the game in the kingdoms of the flags. You will need to fight, maintain lines of supply and constantly collect meat so that your fierce forces of fires were ready for the battle. If you are over the meat, you will be amazed in exhaustion and other detrimental effects on our territory.

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