Eintracht Frankfurt: until 2027! Makoto Hasbe extends long-term

38 years and not a bit tired: Eintracht Frankfurt can also plan with Makoto Hasbe in the future.

The Japanese has extended its expiring contract to the Hessen up to 2027 (!). By summer 2023, the Routinian should still be as a guide player in the square and then seamlessly switch to the coaching team.

On Friday afternoon, the Bundesliga club announced the merry customer via Twitter.

“Makoto Hasbe is a player who can only wish every professional club. His skills in the square correspond to its own standards of the Bundesliga. As a personality, he is above all for young players an important factor. Makoto is strategist and rest pole of our team And character a perfect personality, “commented SGE Eintracht Frankfurts board Markus Krösche the continuation of the successful cooperation since 2014.

Hasbe, currently the oldest player of the Bundesliga, is “role model, important contact person and identification figure” for the club and should start from 2023 “first experiences in a professional bus bar”.

The former Japanese national player ran after his change from the 1st FC Nuremberg in so far 256 competitive games for Eintracht. In the current season he was used 19 times.

“The Eintracht is my club”

That his time does not end in the main metropolis, Hasbe makes Hasbe happy.

“Frankfurt has become my homeland for me in recent years, all of my club. We have achieved and experienced a lot in the past eight years and I am pleased that the journey goes on. I still feel fit and capable of staying to play football at a high level, “explained the fanbleble, who has now risen to the Vice-Captain.

For occupational orientation for the time after the active career, Hasbe also participated in the pilot project “Players Pathway” of the German Football Association.