How to go through an outdoor tournament in Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden

After you complete the history of the Bagrow Virgin, you will meet a young man hurrying to the Dominion of Heroes. If you return to the arena, you will find that they conduct an outdoor tournament with sea champion as its prize. This is the earliest legendary armor you can get in the game.

To win him, you will have to defeat three fighters: terrible woman worse than Elderly person and very scary Arena registrar which manages the tournament.

First of all, remember one thing: just try to participate in the open tournament after you have four maidest weapons . This will allow you to grind your team to about the level 20 which should be enough to win the competition.

Woman alone, so it is easy to win. The old man has two mobs, but mostly he fights in defense. Your real problem is the Arena Administrator – the Beast with 300 HP and 34 Attack.

how to defeat the admin administrator

  1. Use Luck Surprise every two turns. Suddenness reduces the attack of the enemy, ensuring that the reception in the arena will not be able to strike you with one blow, even if its Buff is turned on.
  2. Make sure the Lati has heal + as well as acuity on.
  3. Buy Omnisal Quality from Alabaster City or Fenmos. No one in your team has a complete healing skill, so it will have to do.
  4. Equip the legendary weapon. After you collect all four girls’ weapons, you can return to each of the island’s altars and pray for the blessing of the Spirit . This will turn all four on them into real relics, the best weapon in the game.

After that, you just need to maintain the life of the main character and force it to attack the administrator every move. Varnish and Lati will provide support. Lati will be your main healer and buffer, and the lacquer will be your secondary healer (with the bride and omnisalphy of quality) and the debate. Preparation is the key to victory in any battle.

Additional information about Voice Of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden can be found in the program manuals.