Director of Unchart about how Nathan Drake of the film differs from games

The inexplain movie makes some changes in the characters and the stories that players can know from the inexplate franchise in PlayStation. The film, directed by veneno ‘s Ruben Fleischer, takes some different pieces of history and spears them in one while also makes the main character Nathan Drake is considerably younger for him. The Tom Holland version of Nathan Drake had “loose rein” to earn the stamp of the actor and Fleischer discussed the differences in comicbook.com. Fase zero podcast.

Tom Holland and ‘Uncharted’ Creators Discuss Making the Movie | Creator to Creator

“Well, Nathan Drake in the game is someone who has been in this treasure hunt for a long time,” Fleischer explained. «While, our character, is a singer singer who loves the story, but, apart from that, he does not really have experience in the world, fighting, shooting, jumping from planes, all the things he learns to do then, I think That the ingenuity that Tom contributes to the character is justified because it is not a veteran type. He is a guy who yesterday was taking a bar and then wrapped in these extreme circumstances. Then, what I love is that, for the game fans, they can see a different chapter in Nate’s life and see how it would happen through these experiences that would take him to become the Nathan Drake they know and love. “

Holland echoed a similar feeling when describing the differences between his version of Nathan Drake and that of the Games. “Obviously, the differences are that he is younger,” Holland said. «I think one of the features you have is that it is very reliable, that ultimately it is something that definitely should not be in the world of treasury search, which is not something that is necessarily very reliable, not It is very reliable in the games. But no, there are many similarities but many differences ».

With inexpladora serving greatly as a history of origin for Nathan Drake, Fleischer has ideas about where a sequel could go. After all, there are four inexplate games, not including spin-offs and add-ons. “I would say that everything depends on the audience, if you like this movie enough to want to see another,” Fleischer said. “Hopefully, we will have the luck to make a sequel. But you can not help it… during the process of doing this and adding the movie, my mind Divaga and I begin to imagine different adventures that Nate and Sully could continue. And as a fan of games, there are characters that I would certainly love to know and that we have not yet known. And other great pieces of action that we can take borrows too ».

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