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Fanatics of Capcom hate the new Street Fighter logo 6

After a seven-day countdown, Capcom presented a brief trailer for stroke 6_ earlier today, along with a new logo. The revelation was a badly kept secret, and many fans correctly guess that the game would receive an official announcement. However, the new game logo was everything less expected! The Street Fighter franchise has presented a series of colorful and vibrant logos designs, but luader 6 apparently broken the mold, with a simple black and white design that does not fit all with the history of the series. It must be argued that the simplest it is better, but the minimalist approach does not always work.

It is difficult to say if the lejero 6 the logo was intended to be a position marker, or if this is the design with which Capcom plans to continue. Anyway, the logo has dominated the speech on social networks, and that is probably not what Capcom expected after a week of exaggerations. Street Fighter is one of the largest and largest franchises of the company, and fans speak much more about the design of the logo and much less about the game itself.

Keep reading to see what Capcom fans say about the 6_ Logo! Logo!

It is not a great first impression.


Some think it looks amateur…

Hardcore fans are pissed Capcom made a basic looking logo for Street Fighter 6


… while others compared it with a cheap mobile logo.


It is rare to see so many players agree on one thing!


General revelation is not filling with trust to fans.


Probably a safe bet, at this point!