Until the ideology, defense, board game? Project MOD Winning Publication

Nexon’s project MOD was known as the ‘Maple Map Maker’ at the time of public. However, when you look at the recent recent public content production competition, it was made up of a game makeup tool.

Nexon holds online ‘Creators Invitational 2021’ awards based on project modes on the 25th. This event has been made to the various contents that have been made to create their own worlds, from November to 3 months from November to three months.

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The awards have been in accordance with the comprehensive planning and development completeness, scalability, such as the scalability, such as the criteria, Story games, including a variety of concepts have been awarded.

The ‘MOD Detective Office’, which has been subject to, showed its background settings that stimulate imagination and quality internal map design, and strictly planned ways. “I have not yet implemented” I have not yet implemented, “I have not yet implemented the” I have not yet implemented the story to develop the world. “

In addition, the Best Awarded ‘Maple Dice’ won the ‘Maple Dice’ in a mini-game and rolls the dice to roll the monsters, and welcomes the monsters, and welcome to see the Metropolitan Government ‘Meta Bus Museum’ It is a story game that experiences other universes and finds a secret of this phenomenon.

In addition, we hunt the monsters to collect, smel, synthesize, share, and summon the opponent, collect the collecting type defense game ‘Elemental Masters’, collecting the monster and constructing the party, and organizing the party Puzzle Monster ‘, in 3D environment using XYZ axis coordinates, the number of “3D Model Architecture”, which makes your own shapes, buildings, and architects, and the winner.

Project MOD is a newly presented content production and service platform in Nexon, with a professional manufacturing environment to create my own world from public to professional developers. A vast graphic asset of popular IP, ‘Maple Story’, provides free of charge within a platform and supports a high degree of freedom to take advantage of the UGC (User Generated Content).