WMADID, Jay Curve Enti Real Ping Battle Womens Platform Onboard

The Wemoid (Representative Jang Hyun Buk) turns off the real Pingburits of Jay Corp. (representative hunger) on the Gimsbad.

Jay Cubi Enti is a developer founded in 2019. Daejeon-shaped fishing game has a variety of genres of game IP, including the Open field type 3D RPG elcronica, including the real FISING BALL.

The realistic play that is actually a realistic feeling of real-life fish that is actually present, is a realistic play that is actually realized in the realistic feeling of fishing spots, and a realistic play of fishing attractions.

Understanding Surf Forecasting With US Bodyboarding Legend Jay Reale

The largest feature of the Real Ping Battle is that the center of the play is in PVP, which is the advantage of the play of the game, and it is scheduled to capture the global market with the fun and P & E elements of the control and P & E elements.

“We will provide two rabbits called Gameplay’s pleasure and benefit of gameplay through a new growth engine based block, which is a new growth engine of the game industry,” I will do our best to make the foundation that we can provide. “

“The Women’s is a game platform that is currently running as a coin, NFT, and Diffie, and” Jay Cubs, “said Jay Come,” said Jay Come to “Jay Cubs” I said.