All you get with Tacticians Limited Edition of Triangle Strategy

Sometimes not enough to have a physical copy of the game. And if you are a big fan of Team Asano or even role-playing games in general, then you may want to get a collective set Triangle Strategy: Limited tactic publication .

The Triangle Strategy Tactician limited edition contains the following:

  • Physical copy of the game
  • Six custom cubes
  • Deck of playing cards
  • StilBook®
  • One bilateral poster
  • Collectible box on the theme of the Blog of Orlaki

Upcoming : Triangle Strategy Tactician's Limited Edition

The Tactician limited series is available exclusively in the UK at a price of 89.99 pounds of sterling (which is approximately 119 US dollars). If you want it to be delivered to the United States, there are retailers that are delivered worldwide, for example Amazon UK and Play Asia. Just be prepared to pay for international delivery.

Information about whether this collective set will be available for purchase in place, not yet.

Triangle Strategy is SPRG created by the authors who received the confession of Final Fantasy Tactics critics in 1997. It tells her the history of the young Lord named Serena, trying to protect their people from the brewing war.

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