Neowiz PC game Banabi, Prologue version released

Neowiz (joint representative door, Kim Seung-chul) said it announced that the PC Game ‘Sanabi’ is being developed by Wonder Potion (Representative Yoo Seung-hyun).

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In the Burnabi Prologue version, you can experience it until the Boss of Chapter 1. Anyone can be downloaded for free from the Nabe Steam page, and plays until it is early on.

In addition, the new trailer image of the bamboo ratio was also released. The published video also shows that the background of the game story, including the appearance of the game story, including the appearance of the newly added chapter, including the appearance of chapter 2, which is first introduced in the second private test,

Meanwhile, the mountains have received positive feedback from many users, including system updates, such as adding new technologies and operations in the secondary private test that have been conducted in January, and we plan to release early access through steam in the first half of the year.

The bamboo is a 2D action flat-former game that spreads on the background of Cyber ​​Punk Dyestopia. It is characterized by a striking action and dynamic movement, which is a striking action that uses the chain of the main character, and it also increases the fun of the game to reveal hidden secrets in the Giant Company city ‘Margo’.